Why a Home Inspector Should Always Be Involved in Your Home Remodel Projects


One of the most exciting parts of home ownership is the ability to make changes to your home as and when you please. However, at Home Improvement Leads we know that home improvement projects are never quite as straightforward as they seem. For this reason, bringing in a home inspector to check out your home either before or after completing large scale home renovations is an essential step in the building process. Here are just a few reasons you should consider booking a home inspection during your next remodeling project.

Unearth hidden problems

Bringing in a home inspector before beginning a large-scale renovation project is always a good idea if you want to be made aware of any pre-existing electrical, plumbing, or foundation issues your home may have. Because home inspectors can spot potential issues before you do, you can be proactive about any changes in your remodeling plans rather than being blindsided by roadblocks during the construction process. Significant plumbing or electrical problems, for example, will take a substantial amount of time to fix and may end up derailing your plans for a period of weeks or even months. If you know about these kinds of hidden issues ahead of time, you may end up reevaluating and perhaps altering your renovation plans.

Stay on track with budgeting

Another reason you might want to consider asking a home inspector to check out your home before completing remodeling works is to help you accurately budget for your project. Since large-scale projects often unearth potentially expensive problems, your home inspector can give you the heads up on issues that you might encounter during your renovation. This is particularly useful for older homes, where even the smallest remodeling project can end up costing thousands of dollars.

Keep contractors accountable for their work

If you decide to bring in external contractors for your remodeling project, some decisions will inevitably be out of your hands when it comes to the nuts and bolts of your building plans. A post-project home inspection will let you know if your contractors have done their job to a high and passable standard. Reliable and trustworthy contractors should be required to fix any issues that arise as a result of the home inspection if they have acted in any way negligent during the renovation.

Stay safe in your home

Even if you decide not to bring in a home inspector until the very end of your remodeling project, the expertise provided by an inspection can tell you whether or not your renovation work has been completed to current health and safety standards. If your remodel fails the home inspection, you can then bring your home back up to code in a timely manner and rest assured that your home is now safe and fit for purpose.

—Kaitlin Krull

One of the partners in K and J Partners Construction is an experienced home inspector.  You may be eligible for a free comprehensive home inspection in preparation for your remodel.  Call for information.