General Contacting

As a small general contractor, we are often competing with individuals who are jacks-of-all-trades and promise more than they can deliver in terms of total cost and completion date. Often, they lack the required insurance. In our experience, the contractor with the low bid is the guy who has figured out how to cut the most corners. Expensive change orders for work that the guy “discovers” are needed after the contract is signed and work begins are often used to bring the cost in line with what is actually required.

Our Partners

As general contractor, K&J generally begins with completed working drawings, and proceed to develop definite costs, schedules, and con-struction methods. The partners supervise the work of subcontractors throughout the construction process, making sure that they adhere to high standards while staying on schedule. K&J has long-term relationships with many subcontractors, specialists in a wide variety of areas. These are the companies that have proven their reliability, consistency, integrity, and expertise in their area. As a result, the partners can count on high-quality work, rapid resolution of any issues or problems that arise, and advantageous scheduling preferences to keep the project on schedule. Periodic competitive bids keep their prices fair.

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