Project Overview

Our client from El Cerco Geoff’s original budget was much less than their plans required. People’s vision and their budget are often quite far apart. Our expertise came into play here, as we can be very creative on making changes that significantly reduce the cost without much change to the vision.

We went over the plans with him and his wife and discussed options for reducing the cost. This process went back and forth, with the client going over various combinations of changes to their plans and cost reduction suggestions and their consequences.

Their architect was involved with this process when we had substantial agreements on changes so that we could cost out the actual plans.

We ended up close to the original budget. But as the construction progressed, Geoff and his wife found a lot more money. They added a few items that had been on the original “wish list,” which we were able to work in for almost no additional expense beyond the cost of those items.

Geoff understood when we explained the circumstances, so there was no issue with the necessary additional work. He was very involved with the project, and he or his wife visited it almost daily. In the end, Geoff and his wife were very happy with the quality of our work.

Project Details